Fit and Fabulous Over Fifty Five

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By Melanie Morrissette, 55 Years Old

Personal Trainer specializing in working with older adults

Fifty Five or older and not ready to head off into the sunset yet?

Are you over 55 and looking for a safe and effective way to build strength while increasing mobility and energy levels? Would you like to improve your fitness, muscle tone, and age-proof your body with a program specifically designed for older bodies

To see if Fit and Fabulous at Fifty Five is right for you, do any of these describe you?

  • You have lower energy levels, or tire more quickly than you did 10 years ago
  • Your mobility has decreased in the last 10 years
  • You suffer from stiff or inflamed joints
  • You are cautious when doing physical activities, out of fear of injury
  • Soft tissue injuries take a long time to heal
  • You have difficulty standing for long periods of time.
  • Your balance isn't as good as it once was
  • Bending down to pick things up is uncomfortable
  • You have to take breaks when playing with grandkids 

Would you like to see improvements in all these aspects within 10 days, just by doing simple, fun, well-paced exercises? 

I'm a personal trainer who SPECIALIZES in 55 plus clients. Personal training or fitness programs are NOT a one-size fits all solution. Older bodies can't (or shouldn't) train aggressively. Strained or torn muscles will cause suffering for a long time, and are likely to make the situation much worse. Fitness improvement programs for older bodies need to consider decreased muscle mass, bone density, and stamina. 

My program sets you up for success by applying a training principle used by elite triathlon athletes - bear with me. This sport requires mastery of 3 different sports, and over-training used to claim many professional level competitors per year. The top performers now are the ones who pace themselves best. 90% of their 'workouts' are in the COMFORT zone. Only when the time is right, do they push themselves. And it works! Consistent, but easy activity builds stamina, endurance and increases fitness better than 'Bootcamps'. I took this philosophy and applied it to my personal training. What I've seen are nothing short of fantastic results.

About Melanie Morrissette

Melanie is a Personal Trainer, specializing in Geriatric Fitness and Conditioning in Kelowna British Columbia. She's worked helping 55+ clients improve their health for over 25 years. She loves sharing her results-proven program and couldn't think of doing anything else for a living.

Melanie is peppy, fun, and encouraging. You'll find her follow-along presentation style is relaxing, but keeps you engaged. 

We loved working with Melanie and being able to help share her infectious energy with you all.

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Fit and Fabulous Over 55


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