Finally, a Master Class For Grandparents

Discover how to build a deeper, stronger relationship with your grandchildren - No matter their age, gender or distance from you

By Dr. Ken Canfield, PHD - 
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Being a grandparent is one of life's greatest joys, isn't it?

From the jolt of youthfulness and energy they bring into your life, to watching them grow up and develop their personalities. Being able to see reflections of yourself, your parents, and your children in them. Even discovering the change in perspective from when you were a parent. Being a grandparent means witnessing how special life is all over again.

Your role is very important, but different. But sometimes, it's not always exactly what we hoped for...

Being a grandparent can have its struggles and anxieties.

We worry about his/her future in this scary, fast changing world. We worry they will get in with a 'bad crowd' or make poor life choices. We wonder if we're doing enough to help them be ready for life and so much more...

Luckily, there are ways to help them. Even if you already have good relationships with your grandchildren, this new approach will create a deeper bond.

This bond creates opportunity for you to help them, connect with them, and keep them safe by passing on your wisdom and experience. It will open them up to your support, giving you the opportunity to make a more meaningful impact on their quality of life.

Dr. Canfield's system is simple and helps grandparents to support, love, and connect with their grandchildren, no matter their age or how far away they live.

If your relationship is already amazing with your grandchildren, then good work! This course can help raise it to a new level. If you feel your relationships with grandchildren could be stronger, this is exactly what you need. Continue reading below to see why and how...

Some of What You'll Discover Inside Dr. Canfield's Grandparenting Master Class:

  • Form deeper connections - Connect with your grandchildren of any age even if miles apart, or if it's been hard to connect with them in the past
  • Help keep your grandchildren safe - The world is becoming a different, scary, changing place. Help them prepare, be safe, and succeed in life, no matter what happens to our world
  • Easily pass on your morals, values and faith - How to ensure your grandkids have a great sense of morals and ethics such as hard work, financial responsibility, honestly, faith and more.
  • Help your grandchildren in conflict - Understand how to approach your grandchild when they are in conflict, and how to meet their emotional needs bringing them to peace more quickly
  • More effective 2-way communication - Pave a path for easy, effective communication no matter the their age or situation
  • Help with fears and anxiety - Help yourself and your grandchild deal with fears and anxieties in a healthy, supportive, positive way
  • Help them stay away from drugs and other temptations - Help them have the tools and confidence to stay away from drugs and other temptations that can have serious consequences
  • Make technology a positive, not negative factor  - Some grandkids are always on the phone, computer or video game. Discover how to have them asking to spend time with you vs. their technology
  • Dealing with parents - Sometimes the grandparent --> parent relationship can have strains, this approach helps keep it calm and caring
  • Fixing grandparent Competition - sometimes, grandparenting can feel competitive, this is how to raise yourself above that, and remove these issues
  • Ensure your own lasting legacy - How to ensure your own legacy with the family in a loving, non-intrusive, meaningful way, so that you are remembered forever in a positive light

This course teaches you how create positive interactions with their grandchildren of any age or situation. Helping you reach the greatest spiritual and emotional connection with them, leading to a fulfilling life for them, and you.

What Other Grandparents Have Said:

"We were so worried about our grandson going into high school. This helped us re-connect and guide him. Thank you" - Jenn

"Being 5 hours away from our grandchildren is tough, this course made it easier, and we feel like we have a deeper connection with all 7 of our grandkids now" - Taryn

"We had a great relationship already with our granddaughter, but using this new approach, it surprisingly got even better and we're forever thankful" - Greg

Why Dr. Canfield is the leading grand parenting expert in the USA

Dr. Ken Canfield, a nationally-known leader and scholar, has committed his life to strengthening families and grandparents.  He has founded and continues to engage in several organizations dedicated to improving family well-being, including the National Center for Fathering, where he served as President for 16 years.

He is currently president of the National Association for Grandparenting which he founded in 2016 and now spends the majority of his time helping grandparents. He's also written for many popular publications online and published 16 books over his career.

This is the first time his content is available in video and on-demand.

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